November 29, 2023

Food City

The Best Darn Food City Uou Can Get

Food City rep addresses Kimball Town Council

Kimball, Tenn. – As the anticipation grows for the “new retailer” in Kimball,  a collective exhale was finally heard as Food City had someone at the Kimball Town meeting Thursday night. Stephen Spangler, Vice President of Real Estate and Site Development for Food City, made himself available for questions from the council after the company received up to $500,000 in various incentives, including waived building permits, waived utility tap fees, and other considerations. According to Spangler, Food City’s arrival will be expedited thanks to the considerations.

Spangler, “Again, we appreciate the considerations. What I’ve handed out is an overview of the proposed project, which is effectively across the street here in front of the Lowe’s in front of Dixie Lee Center Drive and Highway 72 Main Street. And then our handout just goes over our

The latest proposed site plan for the new Food City in Kimball – Courtesy Town of Kimball

investment in the project. If you look at land cost, developing the site, building the site, and equipping the building, we’re looking to invest in the local community of over fifteen million dollars. To Mayor Pesnel’s point, we’ve got cap-ex reserved that if these incentives go through, we’re ready to go and get site work started later this summer and would probably be open earlier. Maybe fall of next year, more than likely summer of next year. We have some job estimates, a hundred and fifty jobs. Fifty full-time, one hundred part-time. And then some sales projections. Not only with the grocery, pharmacy, but fuel will be a part of it, but this store will also have Starbucks inside, which I think will be a significant draw for the community and Marion County.”

“The considerations” Spangler speaks of are not necessarily a sure thing yet as the county commission still needs to vote on this specific project. The commission recently voted to approve considering such retail incentives. However, there was not, technically, a particular project under consideration. The County Commission will bring its participation in the incentives package at its next regularly scheduled meeting later this month.

Additionally, the Kimball Board made a personnel decision on hiring a Parks and Recreation Director. JD Genter is pretty well known for his business, MaxFit, and as the Head Coach for the South Pittsburg Pirates baseball team. He’ll be adding another title as Genter received unanimous approval for the position. Technically, Genter won’t start in his new role until July 1, coinciding with the new fiscal budget year for the town.

Alderman Teresa Lofty reminded the council and the audience that June 11th was the statewide “Free Fishing Day.” The Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency (“TWRA”) won’t be checking for fishing licenses that day, hoping to encourage residents to get out and enjoy the state’s numerous public lakes and rivers for a day of fishing. Kimball has a little fin in the game since the ponds at Kimball Park are among the sites where TWRA populates with fish leading up to the day.  Participants can fish license-free and keep what they catch.

The council approved both the final “clean up” of the current fiscal budget and the upcoming 22-23 fiscal budget for the town with the final readings of both ordinances. As reported in an earlier story, the property tax rates remained the same as last year.