December 5, 2023

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The Best Darn Food City Uou Can Get

Is Idaho a Good Foodie State to Eat in and Visit?

Food is one of the best things on the planet. We all need it to survive, and everyone eats differently, but the one thing we can agree on is that food is delicious. Each state and culture bring its spin to food through the dishes they make, how they are prepared, and the diversity in it makes eating enjoyable for many. When it comes to food states and cities, there are some known to be better than others. How do Idaho and the cities in the state compare to the rest of the country when it comes to being a foodie city and state?

The Best and Worst Cities for Food in the United States

Credit: bhofack2

Credit: bhofack2

There are some cities in this country that when you think about visiting you get excited about the food you will get to eat. New York and Chicago are thought of for their pizza, or Philadelphia is thought of for the Philly cheese steak, while Las Vegas is thought of for all-around good food. Are these cities though the best foodie cities in the country? WalletHub released a list of the best and worst foodie cities in the United States and ranked those states using categories such as affordability, diversity, accessibility, and quality. According to their list, the best food city in the United States is Portland, Oregon. They are followed by Orlando, Florida, and Miami, Florida to make up the top three. The bottom three, out of 182 cities is Pearl City, Hawaii, being a tad worse than Montgomery, Alabama, and Moreno Valley, California.

Is Boise a Good Food City?

Credit: bhofack2

Credit: bhofack2

Regarding Idaho, there is a lot left to be desired in the food department. Boise and Nampa both made the list, and neither cracked the top 100. Boise came in at 110, ranking 117 in affordability and 97 in diversity, accessibility, and quality. Nampa was worse, coming in at 171 out of a possible 182. They rank 171 in affordability and 151 in diversity, accessibility, and quality. For those wondering, Billings, Montana was number one in affordability, with San Francisco number one in diversity, accessibility, and quality. You can click the link in the paragraph above to read the full list.

While the state and the major cities of Idaho leave much to be desired in the food department, that doesn’t mean there aren’t good eating options here. It is tough to find anywhere that has an elk burger like Idaho, and there are local restaurants that are amazing that no other place can compete with. While Boise and Nampa found themselves on the wrong end of the affordability category, cheap food isn’t always a good thing. Let the big cities have their fancy food, and give me a local meal from Idaho any day. 

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