November 29, 2023

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Letters, Jan. 11: Lower the boom on tardy shovellers

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A few weeks ago, the City had some statistics about the high volume of calls received from citizens regarding non-compliant snow shovellers. What they did not tell us was how effective this method is, or the number of sidewalks cleared at the homeowners’ expense.

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I think the present method of dealing with non-shovellers is archaic. After a report of a delinquent property, the bylaw department sends a letter and if there has been no action seven days later, one is invited to inform the bylaw office.

I suggest that the bylaw officers pick a section of the city and tour around. If they notice non-shovelled sidewalks, they should leave a notice in the mailbox of the offending house. They should return in 48 hours and if there has been no change, then it should be cleared by the city and the cost added to the homeowner’s tax bill. I realize that there are too few bylaw officers to blanket the city but by picking areas at random and enforcing the rules, word will spread.

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Why name a virus after a sea monster?

Re: What’s the Kraken subvariant, and what’s with the nicknames? Jan. 5

Kraken, really? How much more fear are we to endure? I cannot believe they are calling the new Omicron subvariant that.  

More than a two-party system

I would like to comment on recent articles regarding political releases of candidates running for office in the upcoming election. The media are so fixated on Notley vs Smith they ignore the fact that there are other viable candidates. One of these omissions is that of Kerry Cundal representing the Alberta Party in the riding of Calgary-Elbow.

It would be great for democracy to have the Alberta Party represented in the legislature so we have more than just the NDP and the UCP.

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I hope that in the future media will provide other candidates equal visibility coverage.

Edward S. Redshaw, Calgary

Ban non-recyclable plastics instead of single-use

Re: Ban on consumer single-use plastics goes into effect; Federal law, Dec. 21

The problem with plastics in the food industry and others is not that they aren’t reusable, because some are. It’s that the use of plastics isn’t restricted to reusable ones. If the use of plastics was restricted to reusable ones, and unrecyclable plastics were banned in Canada, it would minimize the impact on the food industry and simplify the entire recycling process.

Autocratic decisions made by Justin Trudeau do nothing but prove again how short-sighted he is.

Calvin Gerritse, Calgary

Alberta could be left behind

The energy transition is inevitable. The only question is whether we’re going to adapt our economy or if we’re going to be left behind like an abandoned coal mine town. 

We simply cannot continue to cling to the delusion that fossil fuel pollution is not actively damaging our economy and health. What’s good for the oil companies is not good for Alberta, and every dollar gained from oil is several dollars lost to cleaning up its pollution.

Jon Grimble, Calgary