December 6, 2023

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The Best Darn Food City Uou Can Get

Uncle Sunny showcases culinary collision class that defines Vietnamese foods

Chi Dang arrived to Canada with a desire of a far better daily life for her spouse and children. Fifty percent a 12 months afterwards, she and her spouse had saved up ample money to obtain out the enterprise that presented Chi with her 1st occupation on this side of the Pacific.

Additional than that, they have been equipped to make investments in Uncle Sunny to offer you some of the freshest genuine Vietnamese foods in Regina.

“I love Canada so a lot. We are so satisfied below,” said Dang. “We really feel supported by Canadians, by our prospects.”

A woman wearing a pink, puffy-sleeved, high-collared shirt, a patterned wine-coloured apron, and sky blue baker's cap sits at a table in a restaurant. It's sunny and lightly decorated, with black and white checkerboard tiles on the floor, and a chalkboard of daily specials by the front counter.
Chi Dang runs Uncle Sunny with her partner, Vung Pham. It initially opened in August 2021. They took it in excess of in June the next calendar year. (Dwight Lugay)

Dang and her husband, Vung Pham, moved to the Queen Metropolis in November 2021 from the Dong Nai province in southern Vietnam, along with their two young daughters.

Dang snagged a job at Uncle Sunny, which had just opened in August of that year at 3241 Saskatchewan Dr. 

A light-brown, low-rise building has large windows and glass doors decorated with images of Vietnamese dishes. The sign reads 'Uncle Sunny. Delicious Vietnamese food and submarines.' A sun flare peeks out from the left side of the building.
Dang and Pham held the name from the past operator, and it surely fits the mood of the joint. (Dwight Lugay)

By June 2022, they ran the joint. Today, the pair and 3 employees work tricky to maintain the position humming seven times a week, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

One particular of the to start with issues Dang did was buy a 114-litre stainless metal electrical steam kettle to simmer the beef bones and brisket used to make the broth for pho, the nourishing noodle soup built renowned by Vietnamese eating places. Dang cooks the broth for 24 hrs just before serving it to clients. She suggests the kettle not only assists her produce a huge amount of broth but also make it more flavourful. She has succeeded: the ensuing flavour of the soup is nothing limited of stunning.

A woman in an apron and baker's cap stands in a commercial kitchen by a large metal vat that comes up to her chest. Its lid is open and she stirs the light-coloured liquid inside with a ladle.
Dang uses this stainless metal electrical steam kettle to get ready 114 litres of pho broth at as soon as. (Allan Pulga)

Dang went to cooking university in Vietnam, then labored in a restaurant for three yrs prior to immigrating to Canada. She also figured out how to make French baguettes from a maker of legendary bread close to her household. 

“There ended up plenty of superior bakers in my city, but I selected to learn from this one for the reason that she is the very best,” reported Dang.

A baguette sits on a white plate. Cut open, it reveals a mixture of colourful ingredients: herbs, vegetables, meat, cheese and eggs.
Banh mi, or submarines, are a staple in Vietnam. They’re designed on refreshing baguette loaves — a holdover from the French colonial period. (Dwight Lugay)

Baguettes, most prominently utilized as the vessel for banh mi, or Vietnamese submarines, have been a staple in the nation due to the fact the French colonial period, which ran from the 1880s to the mid-1950s.

Dang and Pham bake contemporary baguettes each individual working day. They also bake savoury garlic cream cheese buns, sweet coconut buns and other Vietnamese treats — all of which pair nicely with an Uncle Sunny’s Vietnamese iced espresso. Another of their specialties are steamed bao buns, well-liked in China and lots of pieces of Asia. 

Two young girls sit at a table in the corner of an otherwise empty restaurant. It has black and white checkerboard tiles on the floor.
A wall at Uncle Sunny is plastered with a collage of black and white historic pics of banh mi distributors. (Dwight Lugay)

Vietnamese foods is a collision between East and West. Lots of of the dishes aspect a relationship of French method (baguettes and pâté) regional Chinese and southeast Asian umami mixtures (soy sauce, fish sauce, garlicky and sweet marinated meat) and fresh new herbs and flavours accessible regionally in Vietnam (cilantro, basil, mint, lemongrass, lime and bird’s eye chilies). 

The pho, banh mi and bao at Uncle Sunny put these juxtapositions on full show. The interaction amongst prosperous broth and meat, pungent and salty sauces, and pops of brilliant acidity or herbal notes? Which is the calling card of Vietnamese cuisine. Even visually, the foodstuff is vibrant and appetizing.

A close-up of two fried eggs floating in a deep red sauce alongside two meatballs and a sprig of herbs.
This beef hotplate is a good case in point of the mix of influences in Vietnamese food items. It capabilities sausage, meatballs, grilled pork, beef pâté and fried eggs in a tomato broth. (Dwight Lugay)

Dang pulled out her cell phone to display me Uncle Sunny’s online reviews and feedback, in which persons indicated their favourite dishes. She also produced positive I knew they have a 4.7-star Google rating. 

She is so proud of what she’s constructed right here.

“This is my initial time jogging a organization and I’ve experienced some issues. Nevertheless, I am normally happy and smile to make delicious food items.”