November 29, 2023

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The Best Darn Food City Uou Can Get

YouTuber David Hoffmann explores Portsmouth city, tries Dominica Food

YouTuber David Hoffmann explores Portsmouth city, tries authentic Dominica Food
YouTuber David Hoffmann explores Portsmouth city, tries authentic Dominica Food

Roseau, Dominica: David Hoffmann- A Famous Youtuber with 1 million subscribers, recently explored the city of Portsmouth in Dominica. He led an ultimate food tour in the market and shared his experience with authentic Nature Isle food. 

In a video posted on his channel @Davidsbeenhere, he stated that people wouldn’t believe how incredible it is walking through this weekend market in Portsmouth, Dominica. Sampling Street Food while being led on the Ultimate Food Tour of Portsmouth. 

David Hoffmann, with 1M subscribers on YouTube, started David’s Been Here in 2008. He has travelled to over 1,300 destinations in 95 countries to experience and document unique cultures on his YouTube channel, travel blog, and social media. 

He highlights culture and historical sites, but her passion is food. He loves to experience and showcase the different flavours each destination has to offer, from casual street food to gourmet restaurant dining.

David Hoffmann, while exploring Portsmouth, stated, “My guide is the ex-mayor of Portsmouth and a local who showed me a real authentic Dominica Food Experience. Have you met Cassava Man? Once you try those delicious Cassava Cakes, you will be instantly hooked.” 

As he continued exploring the city of Portsmouth, Dominica, he was joined by a special guest: the former mayor, Julian Brewster. He welcomed him to Portsmouth on behalf of the community and teased the amazing things he would see in the market. 

Market: YouTuber began his Saturday morning with a tour of the local market. They saw lots of produce vendors selling coconuts, plantains, breadfruit, and other fruits and vegetables. He cited that he tried some coconut water and tender coconut meat, and saw vendors butchering meat and fish. 

Universal tailor shop: At Universal Tailor Shop just off the market, Hoffmann bought a local head scarf. They also sell Creole ties and other garments. 

Clavia’S local cuisine: David further asserted that at this food stand in the covered part of the market, he tried some crab callaloo and codfish accra, which were both outstanding. The crab callaloo came in a nice, rich gravy with dumplings, and the codfish accra was a delicious, crispy fish cake. 

In another video, YouTuber also shared his experience of eating Dominica Chinese Food in Portsmouth for the first time. 

David Hoffmann shared the story when China arrived in the Caribbean and noted that when indentured servants from China arrived in the Caribbean in the 19th century, they brought their cuisine with them, integrating Chinese flavours into a melting pot that also included Amerindian, Creole, and African influences. 

While exploring authentic food in Dominica, the visitor visited: 

Riverside international restaurant & bar: He stated that after watching Chef Steven prepare several dishes in the kitchen, they dove into their incredible Dominican Chinese spread. “They brought potstickers, chow mein, a Szechwan beef bowl, sweet & sour chicken, spring rolls, lobster stir-fry, ginger rum, and fresh passion fruit juice. Everything was incredibly fresh and flavorful, but the chow mein was definitely one of my favourites,”said the YouTuber. 

David Hoffmann also posted a video two weeks ago while showing his trip to Dominica and shared her food experience in Portsmouth. 

He added, “On the morning of my first full day in Dominica, I headed out on a fun and diverse Dominican breakfast food tour of Portsmouth.”  

U&H local kitchen: In the place, YouTuber cited that after watching the cook, Ursula, work in the kitchen, they tried her saltfish (codfish) with salad and roasted breadfruit. The saltfish was tender and flavorful, while the roasted breadfruit was starchy and had a bit of sweetness. They also enjoyed a passionfruit, pineapple, and soursop smoothie, which had a tropical feel and helped wake me up. 

Bake and cheese: “Our driver Bongo stopped at a local convenience store for a bake and cheese, which is crispy on the outside but fluffy, doughy, and cheese on the inside. It smells a lot like a Brazilian pao de queijo, “Hoffmann added. 

Local market: They briefly stopped at a local market and saw some vendors selling produce and honey. The market was pretty quiet at the moment, but it becomes very lively on Saturdays, which is Market Day. Past it is a fish market and a pier overlooking the Caribbean.

Green light restaurant and bar: Here, he got a saltfish bake, which had a crispy exterior and a soft, doughy interior. The salty, briny saltfish was perfect. Adding hot sauce gave it a kick—it was definitely spicy. 

Convenience store: Inside, he met a Guyanese man who gave her a hat before they ended their tour.